Skateboard Classes

For over a decade we’ve been developing a fun and safe way of teaching skateboarding that produces the fastest results. Through our team’s experiences and collective backgrounds of teaching one-on-one lessons and small groups of students through local park districts we recognize that each individual learns in their own way.

We use words that resonate, demonstrate step-by-step examples, and provide an encouraging environment.  When we opened our indoor skatepark in the fall of 2016 we started holding weekly skate classes and have since grown and refined our classes into 3 levels.  Students will be able to discover and explore skateboarding for themselves which will lead into their personal practice, dedication and advancement.

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Skateboard Classes
There are 3 levels of classes offered at Fargo Skateboarding:

Fargo Skateboarding offers a variety classes designed to aid in the discovery, exploration, and advancement in skateboarding.

Level 1, Beginners Class: This is the best introduction to skateboarding that will put any student interested in skateboarding on the fastest and safest track to progression. Anyone can join the beginner class whether they have pushed on a skateboard or not. The beginner class builds the foundation needed to advance in skateboarding. The following skills and ideas are touched on in this class:

  • How to push, and the proper stance to use
  • How to safely learn, and how to fall
  • Skatepark etiquette, what to look out for, how to interact with others at the park
  • How to control your board: turning, gaining speed, and stopping
  • The power of a positive attitude
  • The basics of an ollie
  • How to drop-in

Level 2, Intermediate Class: Once an aspiring skater can drop-in and wants to take their skateboarding to the next level we will move students up to Level 2.  Intermediate students are getting comfortable going fast, can control their speed with pumping, and can make quick decisions to change their direction to avoid collisions. In this class we cover the more technical aspects of skateboarding and open students minds to all the variations of each trick. Some examples of skills that we cover include:

  • The difference between switch, fakie, backside and frontside.
  • Lip tricks (how to do axle stalls, slashes, rock variations, and more!)
  • How to put tricks in a sequence, understanding how to flow through a park
  • The ability to put names to tricks
  • How to do a kickflip And other flip tricks

Level 3, Advanced Class: Get to the highest level of our skateboard classes by passing our skills test by showing full confidence and control landing our tailored list of tricks that proves that the student is ready to advance. Level 3 is individualized to each person’s skate goals.  Coaches will invite the students from Level 2 to advance when they recognize they are ready for the next challenge.

Kids, teens, and adults of all levels of experience can come improve their skills in our indoor training facility, year-round! Our dedicated team of skateboard instructors and team riders participate in coaching and supervising these group classes. Once a student has mastered his/her skills, they will be graduated into the next level for further advancement. It is the most developed and community focused skateboard program offered in the Chicagoland area.



MONDAY 3-6pm




$59.99 / MONTH


$119.99 / MONTH

2 hour class includes UNLIMITED ACCESS to the skatepark for the month!


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